Hello. I’m Otto Piero, a graduate in psychology and a researcher of PIED. I am the face behind the HowToCurePIED.com website and author of “The PIED Bible: A Complete NO BS Guide To Cure PIED Forever.”

As someone who suffered from severe Porn-Induced ED in the past, I became obsessed with such phenomenon, but more than anything, in finding an answer or cure for it.


The Problem!

While there are several books and other resources about the dangers and consequences of pornography addiction, there is little to no useful information on how to overcome such issues.

My main focus is to provide straight answers with real-world applications, as well as clear up all the pre-established myths in the community that are doing more harm than good.

As I progressed through this journey of trying to understand more about the growing phenomenon that is pornography, I’ve learned many astonishing things about the human brain, specially what it has to do with sexual behaviour and health. Finally, I was able to come to this brilliant method and ultimately recover my sexual health and get those erections back.

You need to understand that there is no way to fully overcome porn addiction and PIED without some pain at first. However, the benefits of doing so are beyond mind-blowing.