The PIED Symptoms Guide: What to watch out for


The PIED Symptoms Guide: What to watch out for

Are you one of the millions of men struggling with porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)? Do you know for sure? Sometimes it’s obvious. Sometimes it isn’t. Unlike traditional erectile dysfunction, PIED symptoms can be insidious, especially when you’re simultaneously struggling with a porn addiction. If you’ve ever struggled with your erections and want answers, then keep reading. If you have even a few of these symptoms, you might have PIED.

You Don’t Get Erections During Sexual Intercourse

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It’s not normal to struggle to get aroused when you see the person you love naked in front of you. For some men, it takes a lot of effort and stimulation to get erect. For others, it won’t happen at all, no matter how hard they try. Whether it’s a mild or severe case, the damage this does psychologically can’t be understated.
Often, men with this issue will have no trouble at all when they watch their favorite porn. A clear sign that this is a PIED symptom is if you make extensive use of pornography in your intercourse as a sexual aid. This is a clear pattern in many PIED symptoms: good with, bad without.

Your Orgasm is Delayed

Delayed orgasm, also called impaired orgasm, can be a serious issue. The way it works is simple: it takes far longer than normal to reach a climax than it did in the past. This usually means long and laborious sessions in the bedroom and can cause significant issues between partners.
With PIED, it can occur when you are masturbating as well, but it gets a lot easier with a pornographic aid. As porn addiction so often goes hand-in-hand with PIED, these symptoms can go undetected for years and years and slowly get worse and worse. By the time you notice you have a problem, you might have progressed to the more severe form of this disorder…

You Can’t Orgasm

If you have this symptom, there’s a significant problem. If you are completely unable to orgasm, you are suffering from a condition called anorgasmia. Anorgasmia tends to be a more severe sign of the disease. Some men who have this condition can ejaculate in small amounts but get no pleasure or satisfaction. Others can’t ejaculate at all. This leads to social anxiety and increasing isolation. Sometimes relationships end or fall apart as a result.
If you have this symptom, PIED has probably become a serious issue. The best way to treat porn-induced ED symptoms is with a forward-thinking, practical, and proactive approach. Start taking steps to address it.

Loss of Sensation

Those with diabetes often lose sensation in their feet and develop strange pins-and-needles sensations. Similar sensations have been reported in PIED sufferers in their genitalia. This can vary depending on the time of day or the state the sufferer is in. It waxes and wanes depending on the amount of anxiety or stress you’re suffering from.

The good news is, unlike in diabetes, this is likely completely reversible.

The bad news is this can be a cause of significant hardship for the sufferer. Most people with this disease don’t like to talk about it with others, and sensitivity in this region is rarely mentioned to doctors or other professionals because of a fear of rejection or mockery. Unfortunately, cultural sensitivities are impeding healing.

Life Is No Longer Fulfilling or Pleasurable

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Porn-induced erectile dysfunction impacts men outside of the bedroom. In fact, PIED sufferers can find it difficult, sometimes even impossible, to derive pleasure from life. This is a condition called anhedonia. Anhedonia can cause things you once loved, like skiing, hiking, or kayaking, to become uninteresting and dull. It can make you blame yourself.

In many cases, PIED goes hand-in-hand with longstanding psychological issues like depression and anxiety, so it is important to investigate and treat these issues simultaneously by consulting with a licensed psychiatrist or therapist.

The Solution

If you have any of these symptoms, you might have PIED. Of course, this is not an exclusive list of PIED symptoms. These are just the issues most commonly reported by sufferers. Many other symptoms have been reported, from stiff necks to trouble thinking. It is presently unclear whether these symptoms are directly caused by porn-induced erectile dysfunction or coexist with the disease. It seems to be the case, though, that treating PIED can cause these symptoms to disappear or at least reduce in severity.

That is why the solution to these problems is tackling porn-induced ED. That can be difficult; there are so few resources available on how to address the issue. As porn spreads its tendrils far and wide, it can seem insurmountable. But there are rays of hope. Increasingly, the broader community is paying closer attention to this issue. Take care of yourself with a practical approach and meet this problem head-on.

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