Cured after three months: my wife looks like a Goddess to me!

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Cured after three months: my wife looks like a Goddess to me!

From Frank P. -Athens OH

I’ve endured so much suffering in my life, for many years of porn addiction and ED, in a dying marriage with lousy sex (100% my fault). I was dealing with lots of anger and blame.

I turned to self-help books for some time, and I even tried therapy. While all this was somewhat useful, it didn’t hit the nail. It took some introspection on my part to realize pornography was the problem. After many years using it, I had become a severe addict. Today I’m 30 years old and happily married, but it wasn’t always like that.

 It all started many years ago when we were dating but forced to move away from each other for a while due to career logistics. Our sex life had been amazing until then, but when my by then-girlfriend got away, I started to get more and more into hardcore pornography. Later we got together again, and we got married, but my porn watching habit remained stable and, although I didn’t notice by then, my wife started looking less attractive to my eye.

So our sex life plummeted, but I still didn’t know why. I assumed it was part of being married, or being with the same woman for almost a decade. It’s funny how my sexual libido had shrunk when it came to having sex with my wife, but I still kept my weird porn fetishes on the side daily.

So even though we were living together, we would only have sex once a month. Every time we had sex, I was never in the moment, but I was in my mind instead, remembering all that kinky stuff I had watched in my laptop hours ago. I think She knew deep down that I had changed. She started noticing I was becoming more and more distant, and we kept losing intimacy and started fighting more often.

Finally, it came to the point where I couldn’t fully get it up with her. That was a breaking point in my life, and it made me freak out and get on the internet in search of answers. That’s when I found your book.

 It was challenging, but I decided to come clean with my wife about the situation I was in. I told her that porn had completely desensitized me and messed with my brain, and now I needed some time to deal with my issues to fully recover.

 She was somewhat surprised, but supportive nonetheless. I don’t think she ever truly understood how fucked up I was, but I guess she needed to believe in something.I completely stopped watching porn, which was incredibly hard for me to do, and I experienced all the well-known withdrawal symptoms. So I followed your routine for a while, and about ten weeks later, I decided it was time of the attempt, I was somewhat concerned, but I felt ready. I had been affectionate with my wife, we cuddle and everything, but I didn’t have sex until that night.

 It was GLORIOUS. We started quite light, but I immediately felt some response from my tool. I had not been this hard in YEARS. It felt amazing, we made love, and we both climaxed. We’ve been doing it every night since (4 in a row now).  My wife looks so incredibly attractive to me that I can’t even understand how I didn’t see it before. I had not felt this happy in a very long time. Life without porn is wonderful. I won’t ever go back to that miserable place again.

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